HaiPick System 2

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The HaiPick System 2 is comprised of ACRs, AMRs, HaiQ Software platform and HaiStation multifunctional workstations. With excellent compatibility, high storage density, efficiency and flexibility, the systems allow for the storage of goods of  varying sizes in a single storage area and revolutionizes one-stop goods-to-person picking processes for customers.


By allowing products to be stored together in a single area rather than separately, this solution maximizes the vertical rack space, leading to a small warehousing footprint and simplified inventory management. Besides, product convergence or order integration is not required in workstations that allow for mixed picking, resulting in improved throughput efficiency. Thus, this solution is highly adaptable to various  business scenarios, including those with heavy warehouse traffic, irregular objects, full-tray picking,  and piece picking in industries such as apparel and  footwear, retail, 3PL and e-commerce.

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HaiPick System 2

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