HaiPick A3

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With up to 5.5m(18 feet) picking height, the A3 series provides high utilization of storage space. Adaptable to manufacturing operations, the series can store, pick and move goods of different shapes such as tires, trays and foam boxes. Our autonomous warehouse robots are also suitable for dust-free requirements, handling goods such as PCBs.

Picks a Wide Variety of Materials:
Trays, tires, foam boxes, and many others, meet the needs of manufacturing industries, such as electronics, automotive, etc.

Class10000 Cleanliness and Anti-static:
The load handling device is dustproof and anti-static, suitable for handling goods such as PCBs.

A large range of standard customizations is available. The A3-series can work with different types of shelves, conveyors and other docking equipment.

Integration Flexibility:
As with any HaiPick-series, the software platform can integrate with almost any upstream software platform for the purpose of orchestrating and automating processes within warehousing and manufacturing.

Product Safety:
CE+NRTL certified.

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HaiPick A3

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