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The industry-leading scalable, configurable, and cost-effective small-item robotic sorting system. OPEX’s® Sure Sort® solution has changed the way companies handle small items, particularly as it relates to parcel sorting, multi-line orders, and reverse logistics. The Sure Sort solution reduces the number of excessive touches associated with existing sorters. Regardless of shape, packaging, or orientation, the Sure Sort sorter provides a better way to sort small items more accurately and efficiently. Single items in a variety of shapes and sizes, and parcels up to 5 lbs., can be delivered to their designated sort location at rates up to 2,400 items per hour.

What can Sure Sort
® does?

Easily adjust to growth and peaks in demand by adding expansion modules and iBOTs® to the automated put wall.


Efficient Item Sorting

Sort a wide variety of SKUs in a cost-effective small-item robotic sorting system in a single-pass put wall, easily scalable for your warehouse automated sortation systems.

Optimized Throughput

Quickly and accurately process up to 2,400 items per hour with only three operators improving order fulfillment.

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Sure Sort

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