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Scalable goods-to-person picking solution that dramatically improves the rate and efficiency of inventory moving through a customer fulfillment or distribution center.

The Perfect Pick® robotic goods-to-person picking technology is engineered to simplify order fulfillment automation with increased throughput, reliability and cost-effectiveness. The Perfect Pick solution, unlike other solutions, is a self-contained, standalone point solution. A Perfect Pick aisle is comprised of modular, high-density racking along with a fleet of autonomous robotic delivery vehicles, iBOTs®, which can access every storage location within their aisle – both horizontally and vertically. iBOTs deliver inventory directly to a workstation located at one or both ends of the aisle. This direct interface eliminates the need for complex conveyor systems or transfer equipment, such as elevators or lifts, which add complexity to the system. Perfect Pick’s traffic control software monitors the position of all order picking bots in the aisle and directs their movements to ensure full resource optimization and operational efficiency.

What can Perfect Pick
® does?

Labor Challenges

Designed to grow with your business, additional aisles and iBOT® robotic warehouse picker vehicles can be added to increase storage and throughput needs without the need for adding additional labor.

Space Restrictions

This self-contained, standalone picking robot can operate without conveyor systems or transfer equipment, such as elevators or lifts that require additional warehouse space, and takes advantage of the vertical space up to 32.5” high.

Order Accuracy

Cortex™ equipment control software keeps track of tote and cell inventory and utilizes color-coordinated, pick-to-light order progress indicators for accurate order fulfillment.

Rising Customer Expectations

With order fulfillment in as little as 15 minutes thanks to the iBot®’s fully automated systems, later cut-off times make same-day and next-day delivery possible.

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Perfect Pick

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