Powered Pallet Jack / Electric Scissor Lifter Malaysia

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Powered Pallet Jack / Electric Scissor Lifter is a combination stack lift and pallet jack, battery operated hydraulic system, that easily transports and lifts heavy loads to an ideal working height up to 800 mm. / 1000 kg.


Lifter lifts the loads by means of an hydraulic cylinder with a chromed piston, controlled by a built-in oleodynamic electronic unit.

Lifting by both manual and electric. Lowering by manual.

Powererd by 12 voltage battery, driven by a good effective pump station. Built-in charger.

Patented safety system on handle to prevent accidental tough of the release handle thus causing sudden sliding down of the fork, you can screw the release handle tight in slow or quick lifting position.

Safety overload system prevents the pallet jack from being used beyond its rated capacity.

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Powered Pallet Jack / Electric Scissor Lifter Malaysia

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