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Lithium battery uses lithium metal as the anode active material, which has the characteristics of negative potential value and low density. With the appropriate cathode, the lithium battery has high energy-to-energy ratio, high and stable discharge voltage, low self-discharge rate, With a wide temperature range and good low temperature performance, it is widely used in various types of traffic vehicles and backup power supplies because it has a longer shelf life than other batteries and has the characteristics of being able to be recharged. In response to global environmental awareness and the uninterrupted introduction of electric products, lithium batteries are an excellent choice for low carbon emissions and PM2.5 trends.

Kenmec's improvement in heat dissipation has not been interrupted; for the purpose of durability, our lithium battery modules have excellent heat dissipation performance. We are also committed to the three goals of 'high security, low price and high energy power' from the battery, and we will continue to advance and never stop.

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Lithium Battery

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