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Packaging System

The packaging process can be roughly divided into unpacking, filling, boxing, and sealing. In addition to saving manpower, wages, working hours and other costs, the standardized features of the automation system can also improve the overall packaging yield and avoid occupational injuries caused by long-term labor.

Erector - Solve the problem of human resources in the past, strengthen the safety of object handling, reduce the number of deliveries, and accelerate the overall process of packaging.

Case Packer - Solve the problem of human resources in the past, with all kinds of fixtures, speed up the overall packaging process.

Filling Equipment - Adjustable filling speed and flow rate, standardized quantitative filling, and integrated production line to accelerate the progress of the packaging process.

Automated Sealing System - Solve the problem of human resources in the past, and complete the action of sealing up and down at one time to speed up the speed and operation of the packaging process.

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